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When you come to the wondrous city of Las Vegas, you’re sure to notice beautiful ladies on almost every billboard, website, and stage. Have you noticed how many of them are blonde?

The reason for that is because blondes are classic. With their golden tresses and blue, green, or brown eyes, our blonde Las Vegas escorts offer a timeless beauty that makes heads turn. That’s exactly why blonde escorts are a favorite in the entertainment capital of the world.

With a blonde beauty on your arm, you’re Vegas experience will go from standard to unforgettable instantaneously. With the blonde call girl of your choosing, you can make any Vegas activity a glamorous moment for the record books.

As a traveling man, relaxing after a long day can seem impossible, especially after long flights and stuffy business meetings populated with people who are about as exciting as watching a second coat of paint dry. Now that the convention talk of the day is done and you’re officially free from the corporate chains , why not make things easier on yourself by hiring a fair-haired dream girl to show you around the neon desert and city of sin? If it suits you, you can have a beauty waiting at your door ready to give you the ultimate girlfriend experience also known as GFE.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to wait till the evening to live like a king in the City of Sin. Spend an afternoon gambling in the high roller room with a blonde call girl on you arm. Follow that up with a late lunch in a quaint cafe’ before enjoying one of the many extraordinary cirque du soleil shows on the world famous Strip. Cap your night with a stop by a nightclub, a strip club, or a lounge. You have so many options in the entertainment capital of the world, the possibilities are truly endless.

All night your blonde beauty has entertained you with the class and grace that our high class escorts are known for. Naturally, the party doesn’t end there. When it’s time to head back to the privacy of your hotel room, that’s when sounds of the casino floor fade and the real magic begins.

Of course, our blonde escorts are more than just blonde. These beauties are the epitome of femininity, no matter your personal preference. You are able to choose from a number of blonde escorts in Las Vegas that will exceed your every desire; with class, sophistication, and yearning to please.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look through our gallery to find the perfect blonde companion for you. Whether you’re into busty and curvaceous or petite and barely legal, we have the platinum perfect 10 for you.

If you’d like a little help finding the one, give us a call at 702-381-6820. There are so many exquisite blonde Vegas escorts, we’re confident we have exactly the girl you want in the style you’ve been looking for.

Swinging with a Blonde Escort at Bellagio

I have been in the escort game going on two months now. I love what I do and whom I do it with (winks). Vegas is a tough market for the call girl business. There are so many of us beauties to choose from, let alone us blondes! What distinguishes me from most of the other blonde hair, blue eyed bombshells is the fact that I am currently pursuing a degree in sociology. I love people. I love socializing. Therefore, why not the study of human socialization? And, what better job learning and paying my way through school then as a Vegas escort?

Only been in this game for a short while I have already had enough stories to tell for my lifetime! You meet an array of odd characters in this line of work, yet to each their own—every personality differentiates as each personality somehow shines! Of all the remarkably electrifying characters I have met thus far, I admittedly have to say “Mark” was the client whom stood out the most.

Mark had been calling my agency going on six months now. He had yet to book a girl, just asked a boat load of information and sent the booking girls sweet treats in exchange for their time. The trend lasted so long the girls began to look forward to Mark’s calls.

Well, Mark finally built up the courage to book a girl and I was fortunate enough to be the blonde on call for the night! I met Mark at the Bellagio fountains between the entrance of the hotel and casino and the front entrance of the Cosmopolitan.

Mark was shorter than I was, but that wasn’t hard to do since I am mostly legs and stand at 5’10! He was balding slightly on the crown of his head with ash brown hair and dressed in very geeky attire. A bit round in the abdomen, he was still bashfully cute.

He greeted me with a meek “Hello Gorgeous….” before handing me a bouquet of pastel colored spring lilies. Mark exuded an overwhelming sense of nervousness as he began to walk away from me towards the fountain. “Let’s watch this show and then let’s have a drink at the Lily Lounge in the Bellagio?” he asked wearily. I smiled at him and responded with “Perfect!” /p>

We caught a quick taxi to the valet entrance of the hotel and made our way to the Lily Lounge located in the epicenter of the casino—where all the action lies! When we walked in the bar there was some sort of swingers meet up even going on. I am unsure if Mark knew about this or not but overall, it was interesting to see this lifestyle choice spring into action.

Mark and I had about five or six cocktails before he started loosening up. He was actually really humorous and fun when he allowed his inhibitions to run wild! He was drunk enough to suggest some role play therefore he and I took on the role as the hot blonde mail order bride and her affluent business owning husband to join in on a bit of the swinging fun. Well, after a few more rounds Mark and I somehow ended up at the swinger’s party in one of the Bellagio’s suite. We didn’t join in on the debauchery however, watching all the live action did turn us both on enough for us to ditch the party and stumble our way into his room and onto his bed.