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Latina Escorts in Las Vegas

If you don’t already know, Las Vegas is a wondrous place. There are throngs of beautiful people everywhere. Naturally, the women here are no exception. In fact, the women in this city are some of the most beautiful specimens on the planet. Latina girls migrate to Las Vegas from such exotic destinations as Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Cuba, Spain, Belize, Argentina, and Chile.

Now, what does that mean for you? Well, it depends on exactly what you’re looking for from your Vegas experience. But, no matter what it is you’re looking to do, you can count on a jaw dropping variety of Latina call girls to choose from. You can count on a fantastic night to remember as long as you have one of Vegas’ super sexy Latina escorts on your arm.

Latina women are arguably the most stunning, sexy, and exciting of all the escorts available to you in Las Vegas. These women are known for having unreal hourglass figures, incredibly soft skin, and long flowing hair. Doesn’t that sound like the beginning of your ideal girlfriend experience?

If not, imagine your ideal girl arriving to your door just minutes after you make a quick phone call to us. What does she look like? Is she blonde and petite? Or brunette, curvaceous, and intoxicatingly exotic? Or, perhaps the girl-next-door look is more your style. Regardless of which one of these dreamy call girls caught your attention, you can have that with a Latina escort. The variety of looks and personality types available amongst Latina escorts is what makes them a favorite for many traveling men looking for a good time in the entertainment capital of the world.

Now that we’ve got you thinking about your ideal girl, you’ve got to start thinking about your ideal night. The provider you choose will have everything to do with the evening you are looking to have.

What to do you want to do while you’re here? Enjoy a five star dinner in one of the immaculate restaurants on the Strip? Sip crafted cocktails in a ultra-hip VIP lounge in Downtown Vegas? Or maybe you’re more interested in staying in and having your every desire met by a fiery Latina gem who knows just the way to go about doing that effortlessly.

The fact of the matter is, the choice is yours. All it takes to embark on the night of your life is a simple phone call. Of course, that’s after you explore our line-up of gorgeous Latina escorts who are waiting to please you.

With that being said, what are you waiting for? Take a look, take your pick, and make the call. We promise, this is a decision you’ll never regret. If you need assistance finding your dream call girl, give us a call today at 702-381-6820.

Dirty martinis with a zest of lust at the Cosmopolitan

I love living in Vegas, this city that never sleeps—especially when I cannot sleep. This city was built for the insomniacs and the crazies—and us escorting alongside them. I have had my fair share of lewd nights and crude dates. All of which I thrive upon. One in particular happened a few weeks ago.

The agency I am working for had booked a last second appointment with a new client for me that night. This certain client had a fetish for Latin women and was quite tedious in what he wanted in his escort. Every minute detail from the exact size of my breast down to my toe nail polish color and shape had to be to his liking. Moreover, I had to be Latina and curvy—and that I am!

The date began when I took a cab from my apartment to the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino. I had been explicitly instructed to meet him at STK’s bar located on the west end of the casino’s second floor. When I arrived at STK, I was directed to the bar where a man of 5’11, dark wavy hair and fairly large hazel eyes stood waiting. He introduced himself as “Ellis” and immediately I caught his heavy eastern European accent.

I introduced myself as Zaira and took the barstool next to the one he had been standing next to. A dirty martini had been preordered at his expense and we began to small talk. “Ellis” commented on my full ‘C’ cup tits and more than two palm full big, round ass. He explains to why he particularly loved Latinas. The women from his country or region let alone are not as shapely as would a woman of my decent. Usually Blonde hair blue eyes with either a fake rack and flat ass or neither, he loved natural and that is all I am!

Although, he was super anal retentive of how he wishes his life and everything surrounding it should go about, he was over all great to converse with. As the night turned into the wee morning hours, the chemistry between the two of us rapidly became explosive and before we both knew it, our small talk had turned into obnoxiously loud slurring and copious martinis later. About 3am the host at STK had forcefully closed out our tab and we drunkenly stumbled down to the casino towards the eastside tower elevators. We made a quick pit stop at the Vesper Bar located in front of the eastside towers before heading up to his suite with two martinis in each of our hands.

When we finally made it into his suite, our sexual tension had reached its peak. The martini’s ended up splattered across the walls and glasses sprawled empty on the marble tiles as we grabbed a hold of each other’s garments and began tearing them off. His neatly pressed Tom Ford business shirt now button less and soaked heavily with a concoction of vodka and olive juice. His belt still looped in his slacks, now down to his ankles and his massively throbbing cock protruding from the slit of his Gucci trunks. I dropped to my knees and sucked him until his prostate juice trickled down my throat.

I eventually threw him on the bed and rode him until I launched into orgasmic frenzy and snuggled him off to dream land before leaving. In all honesty, most escorts do not “get off” as our focus is to take care of the client’s needs, however there are those moments whereby the chemistry is unmistakably present and orgasms are bound to happen. I absolutely adore those moments!