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Men of class and character understand that uniqueness is a virtue that cannot and should not be overlooked. That’s why so many traveling gentlemen choose stunning Redhead escorts in Las Vegas.

Glowing red hair is a tell tale sign that you’re dealing with a special kind of woman. It’s no secret that Redhead escorts are a gracefully unique type of companion with spunk and class. They also knows how to treat a man.

Naturally, the uniqueness doesn’t stop at the hair. Redheaded women have a tendency to be on the fair side of the spectrum. That means you can choose between companions that have blue, grey, hazel or uniquely green eyes. Often times, there’s even a delicate spray of freckles that transforms a pretty girl into an innocently stunning piece of arm candy. If your goal is to turn heads, you are on the right track so far.

No other category of companion gives off the air of royalty like our Redhead call girls. Their high class energy and graceful conversation is unrivaled. By choosing an escort with glowing red hair, you can rest assured that she can accompany you absolutely anywhere. From the five star dinner to the late night rendezvous at an upscale wine bar, your Ginger companion will fit right in.

Perhaps the most attractive aspect to Redhead escorts is that they exude innocence. Their radiant hair, light colored eyes and butter-cream skin make this category of companion appear forever young. Add that to the dusting of freckles that characteristically accompanies fiery tresses and you have before you a barely legal stunner, regardless of her actual age.

Of course, Redheads also know how to have fun so don’t let that innocence fool you. Whoever said that blondes have more fun obviously has never spent an evening with a Redhead escort. Once you head back to your room after a night on the town, you’ll quickly discover exactly what it is we mean. You’ll end your night feeling more satisfied than you probably have in years.

The question on most minds is whether “the carpets match the drapes.” Gentlemen, that’s for you to find out. So, instead of racking your brain for an answer, look through the Vegas gallery of gorgeous Redheaded escorts. We’re confident you’ll find your ideal companion and will be itching to call 702-381-6820 to have her to your door in minutes.

A Bisexual Rendezvous at Rumor Boutique Hotel

I have been an escort for quite some time now. I love my line of work there is never a lack of excitement. I am an open book of hooker stories and that is exactly how I live my life! Although I am over flowing with stories of my male clients, I have to admit the occasional female and couple clients are the best of all my clients!

My first booked couple I was nervous, but moreover I was really excited. Since I am bisexual, playing with another woman was just that—playing! Not work what so ever. Well, this couple specified they wanted only a redhead. The wife had a fetish for us gingers and since it was her birthday she was going to have whatever her little kitten desired. The stipulations were as listed: She had to be a natural redhead and her carpet has to match the drapes. Fair, freckled skin and emerald green eyes were a plus.

One would assume it would be kind of difficult to come across an escort with all of their exclusions however in my case I fulfilled their every need. The greatest thing about being a ride-worthy escort at Rideworks is the fact that they work with so many agencies here in Vegas, they are bound to find a girl to fit all of your needs, and that they did for “Sara and Jason”!

The night of the date with the couple Sara and Jason, I met them at the Rumor Boutique Hotel. When I arrived at their room the tension in the air had been so dense it could be penetrated by a double-sided dildo! They were nervous, more so than I was. That fact alone made it so much easier for me to take control of the situation. Jason had been the one to open the door and greet me. He informed me that Sara was finishing up in the bathroom and for me to make myself at home. He offered me a drink and I obliged.

I made small talk with Jason while he topped my cocktail off with some fresh squeezed lime. I thank him for the drink and make my way to the bed where I gently placed my drink on the nightstand. I had a heavy wool pea coat on as it was mid February and still quite frigid outside. I waited for Sara to finish doing whatever she needed before removing my coat. Underneath I had a black lace stocking attached to a dark navy laced garter belt that wrapped tightly around my thin waist. A laced, sheer navy bra to follow and crotch-less black laced g-string.

The moment Sara stepped out of the bathroom I dramatically pulled off my coat and dropped it behind me onto the floor. She choked on her surprise as I glided slowly towards her. Aroused, my rock hard nipples rubbed against the outer silk of her rope. I reached my arm towards her face and I slid both of my hands to the back of her scalp and swiftly gripped a ball of her thick black hair in one fist and slid the other hand as to cup her blushing cheek. I pulled her closely and whispered sweet nastiness into her ears.

I guided her towards the bed and nearly ripped her robe and whatever else she was wearing underneath off. Her husband watched closely as I devoured her sex with my mouth whilst stroking his throbbing cock. I played with her for some time before Jason couldn’t contain himself a moment longer and took his wife.