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About this escort

Welcome, gentlemen of Miami, thanks for stopping by ;) My name is Penelope. I’m a petite Latina escort with just a touch of Filipino in me. That’s what makes me look so young and innocent.

Most guys love that I have that barely legal look. Even though I’m 23, I look like I’m a teenager. But trust me, this caramel hottie is all woman. I’m a size zero hour glass figure with perfectly rounded breast and ass. For the right guy, I’ll let you call all the shots with this body.

Because I look so young, I love to role play to prove that I’m not the innocent little girl people mistake me for. I can show up at your door wearing anything from a kimono to a trench coat. It really just depends on what you’re into.

I’m not ashamed to say, I have something to prove. I’d love to play innocent for you, especially since my dimples and itty bitty waist make that super easy. But once we’re behind closed doors, there’s no telling what can happen. I’m 100% fiery Latina and 100% ready to please you Fillipino. I’m a tiny wild card, and that’s what makes me a VIP escort in this big city full of girls.

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