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Welcome to the Rideworks Manhattan Escorts section. Please take some time and browse our diverse roster of beautiful, engaging, and youthful New York escort profiles listed below. All of our NYC call girls are available for private adult entertainment with a range or women interested in GFE, BDSM, Fantasy, and private Strippers. Our partnering Manhattan Escort agency provides beautiful girls to the room anytime. Just call 929-238-8569 to book your date anytime, we will send her to your location in minutes!








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Manhattan Escort Agency Services

As home to the most exciting cultural, financial, commercial and entertainment centers on the planet, Manhattan is the heart and soul of New York City. This is where you will find some of the state’s most iconic landmarks, including Broadway, Times Square and the Empire State Building. Its vibrant and exciting nightlife is the main reason why New York City is nicknamed “The City That Never Sleeps” and sharing the experience with a beautiful woman by your side is the only way to appreciate all the diverse entertainment options this spectacular city has to offer. When you step out with a gorgeous Manhattan escort by your side, you are in for the time of your life.

“It’s a tremendous achievement, what we have accomplished here in Times Square and Midtown Manhattan. Culture has been completely eradicated and replaced with sterile corporate hegemony. We put the smut scum on the run folks and they have taken refuge in the last place they can hide, behind a bastardization of the first amendment, in the dark alleys of the Internet.“ - Rudy Giuliani

Companionship with a Smile

Traveling alone does not mean you have to be lonely. Sure, you have the option of going out by yourself to enjoy a gourmet meal, see a show on Broadway, or head to the nearest nightclub and waste your money chatting up women who aren’t interested in giving you the time of day let alone their phone number. But why would you? After all, beautiful Manhattan escorts are eagerly y awaiting your call and just can’t wait for the opportunity to make all your fantasies come true and with no strings attached. When you are on a date with an escort, you are completely free to enjoy your time together with no worries about responsibilities, obligations or commitments. You don’t have to share your deepest, darkest secrets – unless you want to – and then worry about what your date thinks about you. In fact, you don’t have to reveal any information about yourself that makes you uncomfortable. You get to avoid all the pitfalls associated with beginning a new relationship or continuing an existing one. And you never have to go through the agonizing experience of meeting her parents. As long as you are polite and respectful, you are guaranteed to have a blast, no matter how you spend your time with a Manhattan escort.

Dating an Escort Makes You Look Good

If you have spent any time at all looking at the pictures of escorts here on Rideworks, you already know how stunning our Manhattan escorts are. What you may not realize is just how good any of these ladies will make you look. Imagine what it will feel like when you walk into a crowded room with one of these breathtaking beauties by your side and everybody stops to take note. Your self-confidence will soar to all new levels when you realize you are the center of attention – and for all the right reasons. You will feel like Superman – totally invincible and ready to take on the world. Everyone around you will be wondering what your secret is and the best part is, you don’t have to tell.

Every man in the room will be green with envy as he wonders why he can’t have a gorgeous woman hanging on his every word. Every woman will be jealous of your date as she wishes she had the chance to find out exactly what makes you tick. Mix and mingle or stake out a cozy location where you can see and be seen. The choice is yours and whatever you choose, your escort will follow your lead. The ladies here love what they do and pride themselves on acting appropriately in any social situation. They know how to turn on the charm and they are always discreet, so you never have to worry that your date might embarrass you. An escort is an ideal companion for dining out, seeing a show, attending a business function or any other group even you’d rather not face alone.

A Girl for Every Occasion

We are selective about the escorts featured here on the web pages of RideWorks. That’s because we know how important it is to provide clients with the total package. The girls you see here are way more than model perfect bodies with unbelievably beautiful faces. Our professional escorts are witty, articulate, intelligent and creative. A professional escort is about as close to a human chameleon as you’re ever going to find. These women know how to dress, act, behave and talk in any situation. These girls are just as comfortable rubbing elbows with the rich and elite at a swanky art gallery opening as they are dancing the night away at the area’s most popular nightclub.

Do you have an important corporation function to attend but no plus one to keep you company? An escort will be happy to join you. With a beautiful woman by your side, everyone from your co-workers, to your supervisors, to the big boss will be impressed with your choice of companion and may even raise his or her opinion of you when they see you in the company of such a sophisticated and beautiful woman. Is a night of drinking and dancing in the area’s poshest nightclub more your style? RideWorks has you covered there, too. Browse our pages for the perfect date and she’ll put on her sexiest party dress and be prepared to show off her best moves on the dance floor. And while she is sure to attract attention, you never have to worry about going home empty handed because she’ll only have eyes for you.

In fact, Manhattan escorts are happy to provide companionship anytime, anywhere. Make reservations for an intimate dinner for two at a gourmet restaurant or dress to express and bar crawl your way around the island. Our escorts would love to show you around Manhattan. Think of it as your own personal guided tour with benefits. Soak in amazing energy of Times Square or follow the stars to Broadway. These ladies know every inch of the city and can lead you on an exciting exploration of the hidden gems that only the locals know about.

If a quiet night in is more your speed, Manhattan escorts are happy to oblige. Order up room service and enjoy cocktails a cozy dinner date right in your hotel room or suite. Perhaps you’d like a little private entertainment. Many of our escorts are professionally trained dancers who love nothing more than performing for an audience of one. Maybe you’re craving sensual massage or a little role play. The point is, the choice is yours and the girls at RideWorks aim to please. Just fill us about on your wildest desires and we will do everything possible to make every fantasy come true.

Easy to Find a Date

One of the easiest things about booking a date with RideWorks is finding girls who meet your dream date criteria. You don’t have to call dozens of numbers to find the right girl who happens to be available at the right time. In many cases, a girl can arrive at your door with minutes instead of hours. Of course, booking your date ahead of time will often provide you with more options. The ladies on these pages are in demand and their schedules fill up fast. The only difficult thing about booking a date with one of these gorgeous women will be choosing the one you like best. Of course, no one says you have to stop at one. Remember, this is your fantasy and we’re here to make it come true.

As mesmerized as we know you are by the photos, we urge you to take the time to read through each girl’s short bio. They’re there to give you a small glimpse into the girl’s personality, including a little bit about her background, her turn-ons, and her favorite things to do in Manhattan. We want your experience to be perfect in every way and making sure you are compatible with the girl you choose for your date will ensure your satisfaction.

If the girl you choose is unavailable for any reason, you will know that up front so you can select another girl. You do not have to wonder if the girl who shows up at your door is the one you actually booked a date with. We wouldn’t stay in business long if our clients didn’t receive what they asked for. We tailor your experience to your wants, needs and desires. Our girls are available day and night to accommodate your busy schedule. Your date can last as long as you want it to – a few hours, overnight, a few days – it’s all up to you.

We Protect Your Privacy

You can book a date with any of these ladies with the complete confidence that your transaction and personal information are completely confidential. We are a properly licensed escort agency that prides that takes pride in our outstanding reputation in the industry. We want our clients to come back again and again. We insist that your experience exceeds your expectations. We are not happy until you are. The girls on these pages are professionals and dedicated to making sure you are satisfied with your date in every way.

We make it simple for you to contact us by phone, text, or email. We are discreet with all communications and no one will ever know that you have used our services unless you tell them yourself. And of course, we don’t mind at all if you recommend us to a friend. We know you will be satisfied with your experience

Why Date a Manhattan Escort

If this is your first time booking a date with a Manhattan escort, you may be hesitating to take that final step for a number of different reasons. But we are here to set your mind at ease regardless of what you think you know about escorts and the men who hire them. Our clients are not desperate, unattractive, socially awkward and unable to get a date. Our clients are hardworking individuals from all walks of like who want female companionship without the hassle. He may be a busy professional who works 80 hours a week and just can’t afford to invest the time in keeping up with a complicated personal life at this stage of his career. Or he may be a blue collar worker who is just too tired at the end of the day to go out on the town. Our clients don’t have to pay for a date with a beautiful woman, they choose to do so and they are quite satisfied with what they get in return.

No matter what you do or how much you make, everyone needs human companionship from time to time. We make it possible for you to enjoy the company of a beautiful woman with a dynamic personality to match. All you have to do is contact us and let us take care of the rest. If you’re feeling embarrassed or anxious about booking your date, the first thing you need to do is relax. There’s nothing to be ashamed about. There’s no secret handshake. There’s nothing to be nervous about. Just let us know what we can do to meet your needs and we will match you up with the girl who can make your dreams come true. Escorts are experts at setting their clients at ease and making a connection that will immediately break the ice. Just be yourself. Dress and act as you would on any other date. Be polite and treat your companion with respect. Remember, if you treat her right, she will be happy to return the favor.

So check your inhibitions at the door and get ready for an experience you aren’t likely to soon forget. Your please is our business and we’re good at what we do. From buxom blondes to ravishing redheads, bodacious brunettes, luscious Latinas, and exotic ebony beauties, these girls come from diverse backgrounds, which means if you can’t find a lady here who make you weak at the knees, you just aren’t trying hard enough.

When you hang out with an escort, you will have the time of your life, regardless of whether you live in New York City or you’re just passing through. Spending time with a Manhattan escort from Rideworks can ensure that your next business trip is a pleasure instead of a pain. If you are in New York on vacation your visit will automatically rank at the top of your all-time life experiences.

New York is known for being one of the most densely populated cities in the world, and Manhattan is at the epicenter. This cultural petri dish is home to some of the best nightclubs, five star cuisine, lounges, strip clubs, and nightlife in the country. The bustling hive that is Manhattan houses film, music, television, and fashion industry. Anytime you crowd powerhouse businesses that thrive on beautiful people into arguably the most famous city in the world, stunning intelligent sexy girls are sure to follow. Naturally the city that never sleeps plays host to some of the most beautiful women on the planet. Fortunate for our most discerning clients, many of these aspiring actresses, models, and performers moonlight as Manhattan escorts.

Our partnering agencies are the largest and most trusted escort agencies in Manhattan. When it comes to upscale escort providers, RideWorks Manhattan offers the absolute best of the best. We pride ourselves on being able to cater to tourists, traveling clients, and residents alike. So, regardless of your tastes, you will be able to find a New York escort as unique and stunning as the city you’re in. To prove this point we invite you to browse our stable of stunning Manhattan escorts. A cursory glance at our stunning roster will illustrate our dedication to beauty, ethnic diversity, and attention to client taste and desire that even Eliot Spitzer could appreciate. Within the profiles of our Manhattan escorts you will find a variety of services as vast and diverse as the roster itself including: the girlfriend experience aka (GFE), BDSM escorts, dominatrix, role play, fantasy, submissive escorts, and teen escorts. Whether your preference is a submissive Asian escort, perky platinum blondes, sultry brunettes, booty ebony call girls, or sexy bronzed Latinas; our selection is sure to satisfy. Almost every form of adult entertainment is available including: two girl shows, lesbian fantasy, private strippers, and solo toy shows. For an unforgettable experience in an unforgettable city, the time is now to hire a Manhattan escort. A sexy, RideWorthy escort provider can arrive at your door ready and willing to please your every desire in minutes. And, because she works for a reputable, licensed agency, you can trust that the experience you are promised is the experience you will receive.

Manhattan Nightlife

Once you’ve chosen the perfect companion, it’s time to take the Big Apple by storm. Explore the chic underground grunge that manhattan is known for or live large with the five star finesse of a big city local.

Mosaic Cafe & Lounge - For the ultimate girlfriend experience, this quaint wine bar with an exceptional beer selection is the place to go. Wood paneling, red accents, and frosted chandelier lighting creates an atmosphere that is casual, sexy and sophisticated for the laid back gentleman with classy tastes.

House of Yes - This new hipster spot opens with a grand collection of cocktails, cabaret performances, and dinner theaters. For the artsy type in the city, the girlfriend experience in Manhattan doesn’t get much better than this.

Club Shelter - The underground manhattan experience doesn’t get any more underground than this. The party jumps as deep EDM bass reverberates off the walls of this basement lounge. It is also conveniently located near the subway so getting from here to your next destination is a breeze.

Pacha Manhattan - This four level dance haven is the only of its kind in North America. It gets its roots from the Ibiza-based Pacha that has been a household name on the dance scene since the 60’s.

This EDM sanctuary is located in manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen district with moving screens and LED walls that are sure to excite you if dancing and high-energy gatherings are more your style. Dance, drink, and celebrity watch while your stunner makes every guy around wish they were you.

Of all the manhattan escorts available for your pleasure, only RideWorks offers an upper echelon selection that is truly worth your time.

We welcome you to escorting of the 21 century, to RideWorks, and to the party you’ll never forget. Now that you know you\'re in good hands, begin your search for Manhattan Escorts.

Manhattan Strip Clubs

Rick’s Cabaret Manhattan - For anyone familiar with the Rick’s Cabaret family of clubs it will come as no surprise that the Manhattan venue lives up to the high standards Rick’s is known the Nation over for. Located at Midtown West right in the pulsating heart of Korea town and within eyeshot of the Empire State Building, Rick’s Cabaret NYC is conveniently located in the center of Manhattan action. The club features 10,000 sq. feet over four levels and includes a four star steak house and open-air rooftop and smoking lounge (a NYC rarity). The talent is beautiful and abundant as the club features 100 plus dancers a night. Known for an unusual concentration of entertainers of Russian and Eastern Bloc nationality; if statuesque physiques, sparking blue eyes, and Bond style accents are your thing, a night out with one of our stunning escorts at Rick’s NYC will prove heaven on earth.

Vivid Cabaret Manhattan - When Ricks Hospitality Holdings Inc. the parent company responsible for a stable of strip club brands including Rick’s Cabaret, teamed up with adult film production powerhouse Vivid Entertainment to create a new club brand we thought the result would be nothing less than spectacular; terms like kismet and synergy came rushing to mind. Located in the fashion district on 37th street in Midtown Vivid Cabaret shares a similar three-floor layout as its sister club, Rick’s Cabaret, and is quit literally right around the corner. However the similarities end there. Vivid attempts a hybrid nightclub / strip club feel but falls flat on its over-hyped face. The music selection is the commercial electronic fare that can be found blaring at most Vegas Night clubs and is not particularly interesting or original. Part and parcel with the music comes seating that is geared toward nightclub style booths and bottle sales. Hey come on, I thought this was a strip club. Aside from the dancers who are certainly top notch and weighted toward the Puerto Rican and Latina set the staff here at Rideworks will probably stick with the original Rick’s Manhattan if we are looking to contribute to RCI’s share price.

Penthouse Executive Club - Penthouse club is soon to celebrate its ten-year anniversary in Manhattan and as this stylish club opened in 1996, absent of a remodel and reboot, its best days are best viewed through the rearview mirror. The layout is a spectacular two-floor design with a floor to ceiling central atrium and mezzanine level upstairs. Seating is decent on the main floor and a vista of the main stage is available throughout. Bottle service is available of course, but is not pressure sold like a Florida boiler room. This is refreshing change of pace and we find this club harkens back to an old school way of running a strip club in the city. As with many aspects of this club the talent is not what it was ten years ago, that said the girls are cute and approachable. Like Rick’s Cabaret some blocks to the east, Penthouse leans toward the Russian set when it comes to entertainers, and that’s just fine with the Rideworks staff. The steaks in this club are as much as a draw as the girls; featuring Roberts Steak house we must say the cuisine is delicious. Unfortunate as it is Penthouse lacks that critical mass in crowd that would lend credit to the idea that it is a party club. That said if you’re looking for a laid back atmosphere that is not jam packed this might be your venue. The staff at Rideworks found the atmosphere perfect for a night out with a Manhattan escort. Not to crowded, great food, and girls that won’t up stage the one you’re with.

Scores New York - There was a period of time in the early 2000’s that Howard Stern could not stop raving about Scores in Manhattan. Whether this was an orchestrated marketing campaign or Howard had legitimately flipped shit about this club, the Scores legend lives on. Media attention has been a mixed blessing for the Scores brand and the Manhattan club is no stranger to controversy. The legend lives up to its name and it matters not if you’re a freewheeling cardiologist spreading the love to the tune of six figures or an average businessman out on the town with an escort in Manhattan, Scores New York provides a place both extremes can meet in the middle and have a drink. Did we mention the talent is as good as the steak? This club is a legend and a must see if in Manhattan.

Of all the Manhattan escorts available for your pleasure, only RideWorks and our partnering agencies offer an upper echelon selection that is truly worth your time. We welcome you to escorting of the 21 century, to RideWorks, and to the party you’ll never forget. Now that you know you're in good hands, begin your search for Manhattan Escorts.

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