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There is just something about a woman with golden brown skin, exotic features, large piercing eyes, and curves that seem to never end. Yes, there’s no doubt that this kind of woman is on every man’s wish list.

So, why not have your wish granted, even if it’s for just one night? Well, while you’re in Miami, your wish is our command. Explore our gallery of Ebony escorts and select a brown-skinned provider that is sure to make your time in Miami absolutely mind-blowing.

In just a few minutes, you’ll be opening your door to who is likely to be the most beautiful black woman you’ve ever laid your eyes on. She’ll be dressed to the nines, ready to make your evening unforgettable. She’ll have full and luscious lips that’ll make you forget all the stress of your travels. And she’ll have those big, sparkling almond eyes that pull you in because they exude strength, confidence, and unrivaled sexiness. She can also have any complexion you desire. No matter the tone of her skin, we can guarantee she’ll have the voluptuous assets that draw the admiration of men and women from all corners of the world.

What is the most attractive thing about ebony escorts in Miami? Since the culture in this beautiful city is so diverse, there’s a strong chance your Ebony call girl will be multiracial. She’ll have that caramel cappuccino complexion that perfectly shows off her amazingly fit body with the curves that are envied by millions. She may even speak a little Spanish to really rev your engine at the end of the night.

But before you get to that point, make sure you explore everything Miami has to offer as far as nightlife is concerned. You won’t want to miss seeing those long sexy legs moving and that booty twerking on the dance floor or feeling her extraordinarily toned body pressed against yours while you move to the bass sound in the club. We’re pretty confident you’ll forget about all your friends by the time you do make it back to your room.

Of course, that’s when the fun truly starts. So choose your ebony escort in Miami and be forever a changed man.

Ebony Escort in Miami

As most know, Ebony escorts are known to be strong-minded, dominate, eloquent and in control of their lives in the manner they wish for themselves. I am one of those women and I exude confidence in who I am and what I have chosen as a career as an escort. I love what I do and whom I do it with—trust me, they love it too!

The type of escort I am in what I do is slightly different than the common escort in Miami. I am somewhat considered a dominatrix however I do go beyond merely degradation. I dabble a bit of BDSM into my play dates as well. This type of escorting compliments my personality quite well therefore you can imagine how amazing I am at my job!

I had a client last week that had a specific fantasy he had wished to be acted upon. He wanted so badly to be raped by a woman…all role play of course. He wished for me to sneak into his hotel suite in the Miami Fontainebleau Hotel Resort wearing all black lace attire with a masquerade lace mask on. I was to hold him at gun point with a toy pistol and demand he surrender himself onto his mattress. Therein I would cuff the gentleman’s hands together behind his back. I would next rip off his dress shirt and pants and demand he lay on his belly. I would proceed to tie his legs spread apart from the other.

From that moment I would taunt him by spanking him and punishing him for being such a nasty, naughty boy. After several moments have past, I will have put down my pistol to grab my bag of pleasurable tortures and climb upon the man straddling him. I will place the bag wide open next to him and pull out my warming lube.

I will lavish his buttocks with just enough lube before diving in for a taste of his sweetness—but only a taste to tease him. Thenceforth, I will have proceeded to remove from my bag a strap on and strap it on. Before I “rape” the squirming man beneath my body and between my legs, I will loosen his sex with a few of my fingers. First the index finger in and out, then the middle finger in and out followed by the ring finger in and out. I will loosen him up painstakingly slow and pleasurably wide.

I will wait for the perfect moment to take him…. Take all of him with one quick and firm thrust. He will love it as he screams out in utter ecstasy wishing for more, hoping for more…. Begging me for so much more! I will take him until he piques—then I will pull out. I will enter him once more until he reaches another pique and I will withdraw. I will do this over and over until he is in tears pleading with me to let him climax. Only then will I give him what he wants.

I will have had done everything this man wanted and more.... And, I would have done it only a mere few nights ago.