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We talked about how stunningly unique Redheaded escorts are. Their fiery tresses and vibrantly colored eyes make them a sight to behold for many men. Add that to their bubbly personalities and regal attitudes, and you’ve got show stopping potential unrivaled by other women. Here in Miami, there’s no exception to that fact.

But, there’s definitely a major difference between Redhead escorts in Miami and those of the rest of the country. In a city where the sun is almost always shining, the ginger beauties here have a natural golden glow that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the country.

Of course, if you are into the porcelain skin, you definitely have that option available to you. There are Rideworthy red headed beauties that believe in skincare and sun protection more than anything. So, you don’t have to sacrifice your tastes while you’re here. You can be sure that the redhead Miami call girl that arrives at your door will have fiery locks to match the fiery personality you’ll experience on the beach, in a uniquely hip Miami nightclub, and in your room at the end of the night.

Once you choose your Redhead Miami escort and you meet her for the first time, we’re willing to bet you won’t want to leave the room at all. You can enjoy a great night in with a chill girl that has a fun personality to match the body under that dress. Our red head providers in Miami are fun and chill enough that you can enjoy a relaxing day on the beach full of jokes. Or, you can have her meet you ready for a 5 star dinner dressed in a gown to bring out the color in her eyes that only Redheads have.

No matter what it is you decide to do, do it with a redheaded escort on your arm. You’ll be the talk of the town strutting around with a ginger babe in a teeny bikini. Dare to be different and do Miami 100% your way.

Redhead Escort in Miami

The ongoing rumor about redhead escorts is that we are crazy. I have no clue to as where that originated from however, I have to admit facts are facts; we are somewhat wild and crazy in our own personable way. My crazy? Well, I have somewhat of a track record to be a “freak in the sheets and lady of the streets”, or so to speak. So, what better career choice than doing what I am best at and love most other than being a dirty little redheaded girl!

I love my sluty job as a redhead Miami escort and am amazing at what I do. No client ever leaves dissatisfied—and I mean not one single guy....not even if it is a group of clients at one time.

Let me explain. Once I was booked for a bachelor party at the Shore Club Hotel in Miami Beach and it was one of the best nights I ever had! The best man/best friend of the groom hired me to do what it is I do best and “break” the groom in before his big and final night. When I arrived at their suite, I was greeted by a tall handsome man with dark ash brown hair. He introduced himself as “Kay” and led me into this breathtakingly huge open room of sheer white with splashes of colors perfectly placed. Kay lead me into what was assuming the living area where three more incredibly handsome men were waiting.

I had never taken an entire bachelor party before or even attended to more than two men at a time. What I was familiar with was the fact that when I did experience the party of two at a time, I found I enjoyed the double pleasure party immensely. So, when I was offered the position to escort these four men I already kept in mind how much of a joy it had been in my past therefore how much more fun would it be to double the double?! A bashing grand time for this redhead escort, that is what!

Anyhow, when I entered the room I was instantaneously excited. My undergarments were moist with desire and I couldn't wait to get my hands on all of them! I meekly ask the men to turn on some music so I can lighten up the mood with a strip tease than lap dance for the groom to be.

After the third song was played I found myself completely bare grinding and straddling the groom. He was completely aroused and his little groom’s minions were panting at the edge of their seat. I called over to Kay to come dance behind me. After another song I invited another, then another. Before I knew it I had all four men with their body parts caressing my wet, soft pink lips and my breast, and the fold between my tight little booty, and cupped between my hands.

I had each and every one of them all over me and I was all over them—showing them an amazing time whilst enjoying every moment of them. That night was spectacular and I would most definitely do that all over again!