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Weed and sex in Las Vegas

Pleasure fantastic – the strange intersection of legal marijuana and sex in the city of sin

May 19, 201700
Marijuana, Las Vegas, Vegas escorts, Sin City, Sex

The legal marijuana industry in Las Vegas and how its mixing with the adult entertainment industry and sex of all in Sin City.

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Backpage.com CEO arrested

The War on Backpage CEO Arrested

November 17, 201600
The War on Backpage, CEO Arrested, News, Backpage.com

BackPage.com CEO Arrested! Dallas October 6th 2016 backpage.com Cheif Executive Officer Carl Ferrer was arrested in Houston’s Bush Intercontenential Airport.

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War on backpage.com adult listings for escorts

The War on Backpage Continues

September 8, 201600
backpage, escorts, war, website, adult calssifieds, escort classifieds, independent escorts, law enforcement, legal, news

Learn how law enforcement is still going to war with backpage.com over its adult classifieds and escort listings.

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Vaz carnal

UK Parliament Rocked by MP's Gay Carnal Desire

September 7, 201600
United Kingdom, Parliament, Male Escorts, Gay Sex, Secret

Allegations of Vaz's carnal lust for young male prostitutes and subsequent payment for sexual favors with male escorts in the United Kingdom.

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Olympian Escorts

Olympian Escorts

April 26, 201600
Olympian, Escorts, Girls, Women, RideWorks

Even some Olympian have worked in the escort industry, some before and some after their Olympic appearance was made.

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backpage.com legal war

The War on Backpage

April 9, 201600
Backpage, War, Legal, Adult Classifieds, Escorts, Cook County, Tom Dart, backpage.com

The war on backpage rages on, with The Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart has declared war on the popular online classified ads site backpage.com adult classifieds.

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Ashley Madison Website Hacked

Ashley Madison Data Breach Causes Users to Reconsider Escorts

August 28, 201500
Ashley Madison, Affair, Hack, User Data, Privacy, Website

Ashley Madison website hacked and user data is leaked by hackers, users should reconsider using escort agencies that require little to no information.

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