Rideworks.com escorts - Frequently Asked Questions

Rideworks Frequently Asked Questions

Is rideworks free to use?Rideworks is 100% free to the user.

Do I need an account to use rideworks?No you do not need an account to use rideworks.

Does rideworks require personal information?Rideworks does not require any personal information from its users, however when you decide to call one of our partnering agencies they will require some information. This usually includes a phone number that you can be reached at, your location, and if your staying at a hotel the last name that the room is under.

Are the images of the actual escort; as in is this the actual girl who is going to show up?If the image is verified by rideworks as an accurate representation of the actual escort it will have a small rideworks verified badge in the top right corner. Many escorts who work at agencies do not want their images published. Believe it or not lots of these working girls have day jobs and do not want their moonlighting escapades publicly known (some are even grade school teachers!). That said the descriptions are accurate. So if you request a 5 foot, 100 pound Asian escort your not going to get a 5’9” blonde weighing 140. Some escorts will allow for publication of body shots with blurred faces.

Can I hire private strippers from rideworks?This depends upon our partnering agencies. Some offer this service and some do not. Offering private strippers is not a qualifying factor to become a partnering agency, as rideworks is primarily an escort agency directory. If a partnering agency does offer strippers there will be a “private strippers” badge on that agencies page.

Will the agency accept a credit card or do I have to pay cash?Once again this is dependant on which agency you call. If an agency does accept credit cards it will be clearly displayed on their page along with what credit cards they accept. If an agency accepts cash only the page will clearly display “cash only”.

If a partnering agency accepts credit cards what will show up on my statement?This is specific to the partnering agency. All of our partnering agencies bill as something generic and not escort or sexually related. “New York food and beverage Company” for example.

Can the agency send more than one escort?Of course! The only thing better than one amazing escort is two or three. All of our partnering agencies have more than enough providers to handle these sorts of requests.