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About this escort

Hello there hunk! Are you ready to conquer and destroy Vegas whilst in great company with fabulous eye candy?

Great, so am I!

My name is Alyssa and I am 24 years gorgeous. I am a Latina from Texas with phenomenally perky tits and an ass made for shaking, or twerking? Whichever gets your heart racing and blood flowing. I am a college student attending graduate school at UNLV, therefore my free time is limited to

cramming in all I can before a big hard test. When I do find a bit of free time, I spend it mounting horses that is! Being from Texas, I am some what of a modern day cowgirl. I absolutely love riding horses and am very passionate when I do.There is just something magical about straddling and riding on the back of such a massive beast that gives me a much needed release. Don't you agree? If wild west role play isn't your forte, I am always up for a Vegas style party. Although, one on one time at your suite would be just as enticing. I will leave that up to you though. A man who knows what he wants and has no qualms taking complete control of our night, or day even, is one whom is tastefully orgasmic and a man I want to escort.

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