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"I am all about that bass baby, because I have BACK!" The men who once proclaimed they were die hard 'boob' men are seeing drastic decreases in numbers. Many men today shifted their focus from the boobies to the big o' booties and has since proclaimed they are now an 'ass' man. Unlike a vast majority of females who either have nice titties and no ass or vice versa, I have been blessed with both an amazing set of tits and a well rounded ass named Becky. Which, in turn, can be beneficial to you because you'll share the best of both worlds! Hello, my name is Maya, the proud owner Becky. I am 23 years old and an art student at UNLV.

My hair is long, silky and brunette. I am short and skinny with curvy hips to complement both my big breast and big ass. I am one part geek, one part chic and two parts freaky. I have a bubbly personality, a great sense of humor, and am down to earth. I am pretty easy and am up for anything. I am here to escort you into fulfilling your wants, wishes, and desires whilst exploring Las Vegas exactly as you imagined. So, whether I come to your suite to watch a movie and order room service or have a motorboat contest at one of Vegas's premiere gentlemen's club. I am here to accompany you on all your adventures. Call me!

Escort Details

  • Escort: Maya
  • Phone: 702-602-0039
  • Age: 23
  • City: Las Vegas
  • Neighbourhood: North Las Vegas
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian / Latin
  • Type: Brunette
  • Measurements: 34-36-34
  • Available for: Date, Escort, Companion, Stripper, Couples
  • Tags: Maya, Escort, Girl, Vegas, Las Vegas, Sin City, Brunette
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