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Hi, my name is Sandra and my one philosophy in life is to live today as if tomorrow will never come. Your life was meant to live every moment creating spectacular memories doing, seeing and even feeling whatever it may be that drives you. I should know, because I have spent my 25 years of glorious life globetrotting from village to city to countries made of solid ice. I have had an amazing adventure through every experience however, throughout all of my travels Las Vegas has been the utmost crazy although exhilarating of them all.

Nothing compares to the illuminating lights and sounds of Las Vegas! You have definitely chosen the best place for your next adventure, and the perfect escort add pizzazz to Vegas' s endless entertainment possibilities. So, whether you wish to spend it devouring steaks fit for a king, or playing high stakes roulette, I will be your blue eyed, brunette lady luck for the night.

Escort Details

  • Escort: Sandra
  • Phone: 702-637-9255
  • Age: 25
  • City: Las Vegas
  • Neighbourhood: Las Vegas
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Type: Redhead
  • Available for: GFE, Stripper, Escort, Date
  • Tags: Sandra, Redhead, Escort, Girl
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