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About this escort

Hello sexy stranger,

I am Saskiia from the Ukraine. I am 28 years old with blue eyes and blonde hair. I am slender built and quite tall. I have very long beautiful legs that landed me a modeling gig for a while but I made the decision to quit as I wanted to pursue my bachelor degree at UNLV. When I am not focusing on my studies I am working out. I am some what of a fitness junkie and health food nut so, I work out at the gym five days a week as well as I do gymnastics. The results have done amazing things to my stamina and libido! I could dance and grind all night without breaking a sweat.I am also skillfully flexible and you should see some of the craziest positions I can flex myself into. Moreover, I do enjoy the club scene every now and.then. So if you are wanting me to escort you to the club, dinner or your hotel suite I will be more than honored to accompany you.

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Escort Details

  • Escort:Saskiia
  • Phone:702-508-5856
  • Age:28
  • City:Las Vegas
  • Neighbourhood:Las Vegas
  • Ethnicity:Caucasian
  • Type:Blonde
  • Available for:GFE, Stripper, Date, Fantasy
  • Tags:Saskiia, Escort, Blonde, Girl, UNLV
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