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Hello, handsome, I’m glad you took a moment to stop by my page. You obviously have a thing for Asian women, and I completely get that. Asian escorts love to please and have both personality and body features that are really delicate and feminine.

Cambodian women are all of that and more. That’s why I’m confident you’ll enjoy your time with me. By the way, My name is Danica. I’m that special kind of Asian (Cambodian) that is even more delicate and feminine than what you can imagine. Women in my culture are raised to be nurturing, kind, well-mannered and submissive. My favorite thing to do is relax with a cocktail in a quiet lounge. I love to listen, so vent to me about your day and I promise I’ll make it all better once we get back to your hotel room.

Then, all bets are off. Behind closed doors, I can satisfy your every need. With me, you’ll feel like a king because my companions get the royal treatment from beginning to a passionately climatic end. Like my mother always said, “There is no beauty in a woman unwilling to serve.” So, let me serve you. After me, you’ll never look for another Asian escort.

Escort Details

  • Escort: Danica
  • Phone: 929-238-8569
  • Age: 28
  • City: Manhattan
  • Neighbourhood: New York City
  • Ethnicity: Asian
  • Type: Asian
  • Measurements: 32-22-32
  • Available for: GFE, BDSM, Fantasy, Fetish, Dates
  • Tags: Asian, Escort, Girl, Companion, Provider
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