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About this escort

Hey guys, welcome to my page! My name is Jamie, and I’m a barely legal brunette babe from Ohio. I grew up in a small town so I couldn’t to get out and spread my wings. So, I’m here looking to establish myself as an individual and experience a side of life that is forbidden back home.

My all-time favorite thing to do is dress up (can’t you tell?). As a girl fresh out of the Midwest, I have so many pent up fantasies. If you can guess, the Midwest ain’t really the most accepting of stuff that’s not “normal.”

That’s why I left and came to the big city. Who get’s to decide what’s normal for me? Luckily for you, boys, you get the benefit of my small town rebellion. I’m pretty much down to try anything, as long as you and I are both smiling and breathless by the end of it.

So, what’s your fantasy? Whatever it is, I bet you’ll love seeing my perky breasts and perfectly tight ass in whatever costume suits your fancy. We can role play from the moment I arrive at your door for the ultimate fantasy experience. I know you have a fantasy you’ve been dying to try in real life, so what are you waiting for?

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