Within elite VIP escort circles, it is well known that there are a few pinnacle events over the course of the year. These high viability, mostly black tie events are adorned with status, celebrity, style, and swimming in money. As with any social specter, there has emerged one event that rules them all, one top dog in the elite pack, and this event is the annual Cannes Film Festival in Cannes France.

In the native tongue " putes de luxes " or ( high priced call girls ) descend on the diamond film festival located on the French Riviera like hyper sexual locust on an orgy. The raw energy at the event is palpable and electrifies the air. The atmosphere is something of opulent five star circus dotted with A-list Hollywood celebrity, powerful directors, producers, starlets, and handsome leading men. The swirl of deals being done, agreements being made, careers vaulted into the stratosphere and brought down to earth; and the raw amount of money flying around is surreal. Where there is fame, power, and money - sex is sure to follow. At Cannes this sexual component manifests itself in the most beautiful escorts, runway models, and even some actresses willing and available for a price. Cannes is not a place for anything remotely close to a low rent street walker or even decent call girl. This is a high end only event and subsequently attracts the absolute VIP cream of the international escort business. Far exceeding what some our Miami escorts and Manhattan escorts have claimed to see, even outdoing what some Las Vegas escorts can find.

The VIP escort business is a silk hat put firmly atop the world's oldest pig. Whatever social stigma attached to women plying the lure of attraction, a practice as old as humanity itself, is nowhere to be found at Cannes. The scene is an open air bazaar of high stakes prostitution. Much of this practice can be located in and around the five star hotels dotted throughout the French Riviera, but the real action takes place on the water. As notorious as the festival itself are the many yacht parties that manifest themselves on hundred million dollar watercraft adorned in lavish tapestry and absolutely stunning escorts. These girls, who are arguably spoiled already and accustomed to turning $4000 dollar a night tricks in Nice, descend on Cannes in hopes of making their way to the yacht parties where they command a price upwards of $40,000 a night.

According to one VIP call girl we spoke to who calls herself Simone, " The girls look forward to Cannes all year. It's a shining diamond on the calendar of any working girl, it's the crown jewel" The call girls make the trip from all corners of the globe so there is a potpourri of ethnicity and all variety of sexuality vying for attention and top dollar. Many filter in from the African continent bringing with them an exciting vibrancy and exotic intoxicating allure. Simone went on to say that " the African girls are extremely popular, there is a fetish within the high power Hollywood crowd, they crave the exotic, the rare unadulterated beauty." Once the girls have found their place on one yacht party or the other, the men of Arab descent are of particular interest. The Arabs are famous for their generosity with the right kind of escort. "The Swedish girls do well with that set" said Simone, "they love a girl with radiant porcelain skin, blonde hair, and sparkling blue eyes" The Arabs are famous for carrying literal duffel bags full of cash, they notoriously hand ten thousand euro bundles of cash to escorts that catch their eye.

That's for starters, the gifts of jewelry and gold come later as the night heats up. According to one local dock worker we spoke with the event can be summarized in the fact that "each year there are 40 to 50 luxury yachts dotting the French Riviera bay, and everyone of those boats belongs to an extremely rich person. Every one of these floating salutes to excess has at least 20 half naked girls on it. It's a bonanza of drinking, drugs, and the most beautiful girls you have ever seen. try to make your way onto a yacht and you will see. All the escorts are waiting for their cash heavy envelopes, satchels of gems and gold at the end of the night. Nothing is going to change, this has been going on strong for the last 50 years".
Given the high stakes nature of the event and the absurd level of cash present at the festival a call girl can make her money for the entire year in the span of the weekend. At Cannes beat goes on, the champagne, the insane gifts, and sex flow on into the night. It's the best night of the year, breath it in and enjoy the specter.