So if the porn freaks were going to throw a knock down, drag out, rager in the dark heart of the neon desert; we thought it appropriate that Vegas escorts should be represented too. In the back channels of the adult world, deep in the collective hive imagination of deviant and explicit desire, the AVN is an annual mecca. We had been there before and once again got sucked into the familiar vortex of carnal desire. And again in usual fashion the AVN awards find their home at the Hard Rock hotel and casino, here in the always bawdy and over the top city of big dreams and missed flights, the place we call home, Las Vegas Nevada.

One time at the AVN is plenty. For those on the second or third adventure the convention is perhaps trying at best. Those who live this tide of weird as a full time commitment simply can no longer perceive the difference. With an immediacy you realize the full frontal bonanza that AVN is. I knew this time on the porn merry-go-round, reinforcements would be essential, so we brought our own. The timing was impeccable. Traffic, cat herding, outfits, make up, blunts, and beautiful girls had collectively conspired to enforced our late arrival. After a few rounds of strong drink at the circle bar we made our entry into the show at about 6pm. As the show starts at high noon, the porn harlets that had been working the booths for a never ending parade of drooling fanboys were, at best, tired and extended. We came in fresh and bounding with energy. The beautiful Rideworks crew was a welcome sight for a tired AVN.

Even at 6pm with only two show hours left the place was packed and in so many words, flying high, drunk and savage. All the usual suspects were in attendance peppered with some fresh faces percolating from the adult video swamp. Year over year it becomes apparent how much the industry is changing. The old business model of content creation continues to be flogged like the dead horse it rode in on. In with the new routine of cam girls, clips for sale, and steady diet of fresh faces and gonzo styles. Even the concept of the “porn star” is waning. User generated amature content has now officially taken over. What makes porn tick in 2018 are a never ending stream of youthful, energetic girls who’s total life in the business averages about 6 months. The high dollar starlets of yesteryear have been relegated to big production houses and big budget shoots in VR format. The rest of the content industry is now self produced and uploaded on tube sites such as porn hub. Anything shot in a studio, in simple terms, cannot capture the authenticity of actual people sagging at home. Many in the industry see this development as a threat, or in poor taste, but if one thing holds true in any industry its best to move with trends. You don’t want to be the last fast food joint to install a drive through window.

One segment of the show and industry that has stayed strong, viable, and profitable is hardware. This includes everything from perverse tech gadgetry, to a definite crowd favorite of over sized dragon dildos. As for up and comers, robotics seems to be the hot new hardware segment. Yes that's right, sex appliances. Everything from life size dolls molded from real skin polymers, to full on high voltage fuck machines that achieve RPM’s no human ever could. It's a brave new world for porn and the adult industry in general. For the Rideworks crew these are not threats but welcome additions to the ever bizarre world of adult pleasures. Much like the 1990’s coca cola ad, we all know “ nothing beats the real thing”.