The 2017 CES show is upon us once again and gadget enthusiasts from all corners of the earth are flocking to Las Vegas to catch a glimpse at the hottest new electronics products of the year. For those familiar with the CES show, they know the event is much more than a showcase for consumer electronics. The larger than life convention brings a carnival atmosphere with it. There is truly something for everyone at this one of a kind showcase. As something of a Rideworks tradition our escorts can be found at select booths working the convention as models. So when one of the Samsung girls catches your eye, remember she might be moonlighting as a Vegas escort at our partnering agency! Here are some fun facts about CES 2017.

CES attracts attendees from a whopping eighty one percent of countries on earth. This statistic is exemplary of the truly global nature of the convention; there are literally people from all over the world. Within this global group are over sixty thousand senior level executives from companies big and small. Compile all the miles flown by CES attendees including the executives and the number is an astounding 3.4 billion miles, enough to travel to the sun and back 36 times! CES is not only a show for consumers but attracts serious business buyers in huge numbers. 33,000 buyers to be exact, 11 times the number of companies traded on the NYSE. Rest assured CES is big business. CES brings coverage, major coverage. If you thought the Olympics was a big media event, the 2016 CES brought about 1000 more media attendees than the 2016 Olympic games. As with some other conventions in Las Vegas such as Def Con, CES attracts its share of government officials and spooks. Some 200 hundred-government officials from various agencies are expected to attend CES. Although their official purpose for attending remains unstated, we suspect many are buyers for agencies and some are spies keeping tabs on international buyers. Whatever the governments purpose we welcome them to CES and applaud their use of tax dollars.

The CES show never fails to electrify the Las Vegas valley with excitement. Much of this buzz is generated by the fantastic special events featured at CES, this 2017 show is on track to be one of the best. CES has always been a place to showcase innovation and this year’s Start Up showcase is primed to amaze. We won’t spoil the surprise but we highly recommend checking out the Start Up section. It’s like seeing a band before they become famous. CES is a celebration of innovation and each year there is an innovation awards program for outstanding product design and engineering in brand-new consumer technology products. This event is one of our favorites at the show and we high recommend taking the time to attend.

If special events are not your thing, the main floor of the show is a sight to behold and never fails to impress. If the mind boggling array of gadgets, computers, audio and visual wonders were not enough to blow your mind; again it is worth mentioning that many of our escorts will be working as models at the event. We find the spectrum of amazing women on display as impressive as the array of tech. Get your fill at CES 2017 and see you there!