At Rideworks Escorts we are well aware of the necessity for discretion given the nature of our business. Our client list is vast and includes everyone from A-list celebrities to CEO’s of fortune 500 companies. Our clients know that any personal information provided to our professional staff never goes beyond our office. We never sell client information to third parties as stated in our user agreement. In fact any information provided is either destroyed or encrypted. Rideworks takes your privacy seriously and protects client information with methods more secure than an average US bank. It is our goal to put you at ease with your transaction and make sure your focus is on having the time of your life with a beautiful escort in Las Vegas and not what is going to happen to your private information.

Rideworks Las Vegas escorts are exclusive to our partnering agency and do not have affiliation with any other agency, nor do they work as independent escorts in Las Vegas. This may sound like a non-issue but for the discerning client it's important to know that the escort you book is only working with our agency. This exclusivity allows for close supervision of our escorts and insures that they are not bringing baggage or illegal associations to the date with them. Escorts who are not exclusive may have associations with pimps or unlicensed agencies. Rest assured our escorts do not have problems with hotel security from previous soliciting or loitering charges that can bring unwanted attention to the privacy of your transaction. All of our Las Vegas escorts, Miami escorts, and Manhattan escorts have been trained in the art of being discreet and have no problem with hotel security as they operate with class! It is for these reasons we do not recommend hiring independent escorts from websites like backpage to meet you at your hotel. Subtlety is not their strong suite and this lack of professionalism can turn your date with an independent escort into a risky, potentially embarrassing venture.

Have you ever gone to a strip club, ended up in the VIP room, and broke out the credit card only to later have the nightmare of your wife discovering the thousand dollar charge from “Larry’s Eager Beavers”? Well don't feel like you're the only one, it's happened to the best of us, but at Rideworks all of our partnering agencies practice discreet secure billing. Although we are not at liberty to disclose exactly what our partnering agencies bill your credit card as, we can assure you that it is something non-descript such as “ Spring Mountain Food and Beverage”. Of course cash is king, untraceable, and always accepted. Rideworks Las Vegas escorts is also proud to accept bitcoin as another anonymous secure payment option.

When our clients contact any of our partnering agencies they can expect open ears and open minds and zero judgment from our professional staff. Occasionally clients worry about judgment from our staff when requesting special services from our escorts. Rest assured our staff is 100% professional, non judgmental, and has heard it all before; from BSDM, to fantasy role-play, and every other kinky scenario you can imagine. Our business is your fantasy and there is zero shame in that game. We do our absolute best to cater to client’s unique tastes and requests. The volume of repeat business we revive at Rideworks is a testament to the trust clients have in our standards, class, and service.