When it comes to escort services, the foremost important rule is safety first. There is no such thing as being too cautious in protecting yourself and your chosen escort. For your convenience, terms and conditions are accessible via website. It is important you read the terms as no two agencies are alike.If you happen to land on a website which does not provide access to their terms and conditions, then this should immediately raise red flags for you to forgo and move on. I cannot stress enough the importance of familiarizing yourself with their terms and conditions. Read them through and thoroughly. More than likely the terms will also double as a guideline on what not to do so you aren’t crossing or overstepping your boundaries. This first rule will ensure your night will go according to plan.


Know what you want in advance. If you’re looking for intimate company, the girlfriend experience or even to indulge in your fantasies, just be in the know. Your date cannot read your mind, and she definitely cannot tell you what needs you want filled. Be concise, precise and set boundaries. More than likely your date will appreciate your forwardness, and time could be better spent with her orally expressing her gratitude than playing the guessing game.


I shouldn’t have to remind you to respect your female counterparts but unfortunately what you may perceive as respectful, most women will probably not.

Know her boundaries as you expect her to know and respect yours.

Do not discuss her private life. You are not there to become thunder buddies for life. She there for companionship not a romantic relationship.

Do not degrade her, disrespect her or even dare to assume she owes you anything.

Chat with her, get to know her as she will be delighted to build chemistry between your two.

It goes without say, practice safe sex. Offer condom and lube options just in case she is allergic to latex or certain lube basis.

Respect her and she will gladly respect every piece of you.


Hygiene. Showering before a date is a must--especially if you are favorable to manscaping your nether-regions, as shaving should be completed at least a day in advance. Manscaping often leaves cuts, nicks and if dull enough, razor burns. Open cuts and wounds will put your health and your date’s health at a higher risk for transmitting STDs. Shaving at least 24 hours prior will allow open wounds enough time to heal. Another vital piece of information is to carefully apply cologne/after-shave/body. What smells amazing to you may in fact repulse her. Scent is an underrated erogenous zone so the choice is yours; either kill her vibe or drive her insane.


When you hire an escort you are not only paying for a service but as well investing a small fortune to ensure you’ve gotten what you’ve paid for. If your date went above and beyond to cater to your needs and happiness, tip her. Show her how grateful you are for her wonderfulness. Trust me, if you’re generous, she will return the generosity.