Nevada is the only state in the union where prostitution is legal regulated and welcomed. That said, Nevada has a long and tenuous history with legal prostitution. There was a time when prostitution, brothels, and red light districts were legal and flourished through out the state. The good old days as the old timers tell it.

Las Vegas and Reno were more representative of the Wild West back then and regulation of sex workers had not yet reared its conservative head. The early 1930’s saw the beginning of construction on the Hoover Dam. This project more than any other marked the beginning of a significant transformation of Las Vegas. At the start of construction Las Vegas was a town of five thousand residents that saw a labor force of twenty thousand descend on it. Needless to say business was good. Casinos raked in huge profits, liquor flowed freely, and Las Vegas hookers, brothels, and red light districts were in full swing. As the freewheeling days of dam construction and full on Vegas hooker debauchery came to a close construction of large scale military bases began.

As military service men populated the bases the red light districts in Reno and Las Vegas remained as popular as ever. In that golden age it was as easy to find a legal Las Vegas hooker as it was a drink or a game of black jack. In an effort to curb service men having to good of a time off base; in 1942 President D Roosevelt issued a high handed puritanical order to suppress prostitution near military bases. This decree ultimately led to the closure of the Las Vegas red light district. Soon after Nevada would pass a state law limiting legal prostitution in Nevada to counties with populations of under 700,000. This law marks the end of legal prostitution in Clark County and therefore Las Vegas.

So what gives? Its 2015 and Sin City is teaming with hookers in Las Vegas. As with most prohibitions, banning the world’s oldest profession in a city associated with sun, sex, and sin has proved less than successful. What you have now in the Las Vegas hooker arena is a lot of legal gray area. Hookers in Las Vegas are everywhere, and it is because of this abundance and the fact it is out in the open in classy brightly lit casinos that gives tourists the wrong idea.

Fact is prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas and if you pick up a Las Vegas hooker on the strip or casino floor you run the risk of an embarrassing arrest. Most hookers in Las Vegas and “ independent escorts”, another term for hooker, are not licensed, usually work for a pimp, and could be underage. The only legal method of getting a sexy girl to your hotel room is through a licensed escort agency. Escort agencies are legal licensed businesses in Las Vegas and contract licensed, of age, escorts. Legally you are paying for an escort’s time and nothing more. This is where the legal gray area comes into play, what goes on between consenting adults behind closed doors is nobody’s business but you and hers. If your looking for Las Vegas hookers the city of sin will not disappoint, but if you are more comfortable with a clean, legal, licensed beautiful escort from Rideworks, you’re already here.