For tourists visiting Las Vegas, there are plenty of options for massage and erotic massage. Many businesses that offer incall erotic massage service in Las Vegas are based in the Chinatown neighborhood in Vegas. About a five-minute cab ride from the strip Chinatown is dotted with erotic massage parlors. Most of these incall massage houses are Asian-owned businesses and feature Asian massage girls, however, some have girls of other ethnicities including African American and European girls. For the visitor to Las Vegas, the way these businesses advertise can cause a great deal of confusion. Because they operate in a legal gray area they cannot advertise “erotic massage” or “happy ending massage’, that is unless they want to be shut down. This causes confusion because mixed in the massage parlors that offer erotic services are legitimate therapeutic massage businesses. To anyone not in the know, it's impossible to decipher which is which as they all advertise in the same way. The typical neon signage will offer services such as reflexology, foot massage, full body massage, deep tissue massage, and Swedish massage. Aside from not knowing what massage house offers erotic massage and what one is therapeutic massage, most of these businesses are not licensed. Furthermore, most of the girls working are not licensed for massage and are often victims of human trafficking and working against their will. Even worse, some of these businesses are nothing more than “clip joints” that will offer sex, take your money, and provide you with neither sex or a massage. Basically, the incall massage landscape is dicey at best and at worst a complete scam. Even if you happen to find a good erotic massage parlor with good service and sexy girls who give a great massage, odds are that the business won’t be open long. Due to the illegality that such businesses operate under, they frequently get raided and shut down. This is not to say they won’t reopen in a different location under a different name merely weeks later, but how would you find it? This incall erotic massage shell game is a nightmare for tourists, fortunate for our clients has a better option with its outcall erotic massage service.

At Rideworks many of our escorts have been professionally trained in the art of erotic massage and are always happy to take a massage call. For our clients outcall massage service is simply a more stress-free convenient option. Isn't stress relief the whole point of erotic massage anyway? We thought so! With Rideworks outcall erotic massage in Las Vegas, there is no need to leave your hotel room or even get dressed. No need to pay for the cab ride to an incall service or the expensive house fee. We take the guesswork out of incall erotic massage and send a sexy outcall masseuse directly to your hotel room. How perfect is that? Our outcall massage girls specialize in both Tantra massage and Nuru massage. For those who are unfamiliar with the pleasure these massage styles bring, here is a brief explanation.

Tantra massage is conducted nude and body on body. If that doesn't sound enticing enough the point of the tantra massage is to bring the sexual energy up to a near crest and then edge it back down. This process is repeated several times within the hour massage ultimately leading to a release at the end. The masseuse triggers both pressure points and sexual hotspots to create a unique feeling of energy vibration, relaxation, and release. Nuru massage is similar to tantra and also occurs nude and body on body. The essential difference is the masseuse uses a lotion or lubricant and glides her body over yours. The use of the whole body in combination with the oil or lotion creates a unique sensation. Because the masseuse is not limited to using her hands and arms and can engage the client with her whole body feeling in erogenous zones are maximized. As with tantra massage, the masseuse will lead the client through a series of peaks and valleys and in the end sexual crest. The ultimate goal is relaxation and pleasure for the client. All of our sensual outcall massage girls in Vegas aim to please. The best compliment a client can give is repeated business. Give us a call today and let us earn your business with an erotic outcall massage!