As the temperature dips and the days grow shorter, the reality that winter has arrived is once again upon us. The bright lights of Las Vegas grow even brighter as holiday décor and twinkle lights are wrapped around buildings and trees. Casino resorts set up festive displays in an attempt to give guests a warm family holiday feeling while they lose their paychecks to faceless gaming corporations. The aroma of seasonal buffets fill resort dining halls. Christmas happens even in the city of sin. For many the holiday season is filled with family events and festivities. Relatives come together to celebrate and spend this special time of year together. Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Moms, Dads, sisters and brothers; your weird super left leaning Uncle who won’t shut up about Trump, your aunt who smokes through a pack of pall mall cigarettes faster than an alcoholics anonymous meet up. They all get together in an annual celebration and holiday ritual. Companies throw holiday parties, coworkers cut lose and drink to excess; your boss ends up shirtless. For many the Holidays are a great time and an enjoyable experience spent with close friends and family.

However, this festive cheer is not enjoyed by everyone, for some the holidays are a lonely experience. Believe it or not, the holidays are a busy time of year for escorts in Las Vegas. The usual escort clientele dries up around the holiday season. Las Vegas sees few conventions in December so the usual bustle and hustle of businessmen away from their wives and girlfriends is absent. Winter is not bachelor party season, so the throngs of men celebrating friends decent into married life are to missing from sin cities usual spectrum of visitor. The overall December vibe in Vegas is more reserved and foreign. As the typical Las Vegas visitor is home with friends and family the vacancy rates go up and in typical supply and demand functionality, the room rates drop. This effect attracts high numbers of visitors from India and China. For one these guests do not observe Christian holidays like Christmas and for two they are notoriously cheap and relish a Vegas vacation bargain. They also love to spend time with American escorts. “ Our hottest bookings around December are girls with blonde hair, blue eyes, and large cup sizes “ said an operator at our partnering Vegas escort agency. This pattern in escort bookings stands to reason and falls in line with the old adage that opposites attract. “ I think what most of these Indian guys are looking for is what they can’t get at home, and that’s your all American blonde with a big rack”. Said this same operator. The escorts themselves had a different take on the influx visitors. Cultural differences and the fact that these types of guys always want a discount can make escort work around this time of year stressful. One Vegas blonde haired blue-eyed vixen explained it like this. “ These guys from India want the attention and the service, but they don’t want to pay for it, they want everything at a discount. Hey buddy – you get what you pay for and I’m worth every penny”. December is a month where everyone needs money and it’s also the month where the money dries up. It is this dichotomy that keeps escorts working around the holidays and working with the Indian clientele.

Beyond the Indian tourists there is another type of visitor in Vegas around the holidays. These are the guys who are not married and perhaps don’t have close family, they find themselves in Las Vegas as a form of escape and to find some companionship. The holidays can be depressing for some people. This holiday crowd is not always the easiest for Vegas escorts. In the words of one bubbly brunette haired beauty, “ I get a lot of guys who fly in for Christmas who just need a friendly girl to talk to. These are the guys who don’t have a girl friend and maybe their families have pasted or they are not on good terms. I feel for these guys and I think we provide them with something they really need, something that is really important”. No matter what brings you to Vegas over the season, our escorts are here to please and bring some cheer to the holidays. From everyone here at Rideworks Las Vegas we wish everyone a merry Christmas and happy escorting to all!