In a sensational story first broke by the Smoking Gun in 2012 the world was shocked when it learned that three-time Olympic runner Suzy Favor Hamilton had been leading a double life as a Las Vegas escort. Although not at all shocking to the Rideworks staff as we know first hand the fabulous life of a Vegas escort, but still the world was aghast. Olympians are just people not super humans. Michael Phelps is a pot smoker, Oscar Pistorius shot his girlfriend, and Tonya Harding had her rival clubbed. Shit happens, even for Olympians. That said the media loves a good scandal and this story had all the makings. In fact the story was touted as “one of the biggest sports scandals of the decade”, apparently it was a boring decade for sports scandals. As the world learned of Hamilton’s double life as Vegas escort Kelly Lundy so did her sponsors. Their backlash was harsh and swift. Companies pulled sponsorship and awards were taken back like Hamilton never won them. All this because Suzy liked to entertain some clients on the famous Las Vegas Strip. The world holds athletes on a higher pedestal than the average person. The media focus is intense, sponsoring companies do not want their brands tarnished, and the expectation is for athletes to be perfect role models. The expectation and the reality are two very different things. Even golden boy Michael Jordan is fond of gambling and booze fueled extravagant nights at the strip club. Tiger Woods had a fetish for Las Vegas nightclub waitresses much to his wife chigrin. The media loves these stories because they sell. They sell because the public loves a good juicy story with a little dirt. It's a vicious cycle as the same public that holds these athletes to a high moral standard relishes in their dirty secrets and downfall.

In a desperate attempt to deploy some damage control and put a victim's spin on her escorting escapades Hamilton publish her memoir “ Fast Girl: A Life Spent Running From Madness”. In the memoir Hamilton claims to suffer from bipolar disorder causing her to engage in risky, erratic, and dangerous behavior. She goes on to correlate the stress of her success with more health issues such as bulimia, body image issues, and depression. At Rideworks we don’t claim to be medical professionals and we have no way of knowing whether Suzy Hamilton's claims of bipolar disorder as the primary driver for her life as an escort to be true or false. However we do have an alternative theory. Suzy Hamilton is a stunning woman who wanted some excitement in her otherwise boring family life. At the time she was working as an escort in Las Vegas she was in top physical condition and had plenty of endorphins pumping through her supple body. As the endorphins coursed through her veins, so did her hormones. Hamilton was in her sexual prime and she was fast and horny and seeking exciting encounters. She enjoyed the work. At the time she had lucrative sponsorship money rolling in and although some extra cash might have been nice, what was more exciting for Hamilton was getting paid for being an escort. She enjoyed pleasing her clients. She enjoyed the life. It's not uncommon. Our escorts love what they do and all have their own reason for working as escorts, but at the end of the day they all have the drive to do so. If you were in town in 2010, 2011 perhaps you had the Olympic pleasure of a night with Kelly Lundy. We missed our chance but you never know who will show up next for work as Las Vegas escorts.