There are many options for discerning escort enthusiasts and escort nightlife clients in the city of sin.  The spectrum of adult nightlife outlets is vast and the spectrum varies from low rent sleazy street hookers to high end model quality escorts.  Somewhere in this business of adult services is a subcategory know in the industry as the sugar baby, sugar daddy relationship.  For those unfamiliar with this arrangement, the basic premises is wealthy established men (aka sugar daddies) seeking a financial and gift based arrangement with a woman (aka sugar baby).  The term, arrangement, is open for debate and interpretation.  An arrangement can include anything from a dating relationship, to a friendship, and even a straight cash for physical companionship.  Now to anyone familiar with the escort business this might sound very familiar, because it is.  Arguably, as with many such adult entertainment relationships, the separation between categories boils down to thinly veiled semantics.  At the end of the transaction money and or gifts are transferred from the sugar provider to the sugar recipient.  In an escort deal cash and or gifts are transferred from the client to the escort.  As you can see the only difference in both transactions is the language used.  


Websites specializing in the sugar baby sugar daddy market publish plenty of convincing content making the argument that these arrangements are inherently different from that of an escort or prostitute.  Often the argument is made that the sugar baby arrangement is one of friendship and trust in which there is a mutual desire of both parties involved to help each other and inspire mutual success.  They promote the idea that the relationship is similar to that of a typical girlfriend dating a wealthy older man.  From our perspective there is another form of sugar being sprinkled over all this, and that is the sugar coating the proprietors of sugar daddy websites are pouring over the hard truth.  Once we begin to peel back the onion, cut through the minutia, and dissolve the semantics; it becomes apparent that that there is no difference between the arrangement of sugar daddy / sugar baby and client / escort.  

For the men involved in any of these adult entertainment style arrangements, there are a few factors to consider.