In Chinese zodiac symbology, this strange year of 2017 is one of the rooster. According to ancient Zhongguo astrology the avian feathered beast is representative of the sun, as they crow with aural splendor at the dawn of each new day on the star drenched terrestrial horizon. Punctuality is also attributed to the rooster functioning as God's own alarm clock. And a new day it was at the 2017 Gentlemen's Club Expo, however punctuality is relative under the neon sun and the time void that is Vegas. After a two-year hiatus camped out in some Louisiana swamp know the world over as the big easy or A.K.A, New Orléans, the Expo made its way back to the high desert plateau. The neon doom thicket, the city of big dreams, strong drink, starry-eyed Las Vegas Strippers, and missed flights; the city known as Las Vegas.

Having the Gentlemen's Club Expo in Vegas is not only a natural fit, but a homecoming as well. The first Expo was hosted in the self-proclaimed " entertainment capital of the world" and has found itself pulled back by the sheer gravity that Vegas has wielded so unmercifully some 20 times since that first Expo in 1993. 2017, the year of the rooster, the year of bravery and competition was also the 25th anniversary of the Expo itself. The same summer that brought the young moon over Venus and interplanetary spectral power so potent; it eclipsed the sun, the morning cock, and the desert heathens below, set the perfect stage and time horizon for this special 25th anniversary celebration.

If you were to take the whole show and glue it together, then hand the whole ball over to a major league pitcher and have him throw his best major league pitch against the hard, cold, brick wall of life; we too will shatter. The entire enterprise is not immune to ego, absurdity, and self-interest. But we are prone to elevation, love, and flying high - on the golden rule jet stream. These are the very people on this small, increasingly interconnected rock, that you want to know. They are the best ones, the indestructible ones, they have soaring IQ's and warm rhythmic hearts that subsonicly and without expression or posture, radiate ubiquitous love. These are the people, these are the best people, these are the people who lend pulse to existence and make the world smile. So when our collective gets thrown against the wall and shatters into an array of disjointed characters, dreamers, and sub par socitial participants; we get up. We find each other. Our magnitude and love finds us. We dust ourselves off and have a high mind for future horizons. We are the collective, the very cream of the the industry: drunk, high, and sideways .. good people.

As for the pontification, edification, and amusement - it is true that each expo features speakers, luminaries, captains of industry, and the very cornerstones that made what we all do possible. Although I cannot be sure, as my temporal horizon was in sever distort, I believe one Michael J Peters was in attendance; be it physically or as a ghost in the shell. The very idea, speaks volumes as to just what is in the air and makes Expo so electric. The self described " full slate of seminars, workshops, and panel sessions " could perhaps give the wrong impression that the place is fairly populated by animated yard knomes with a passion for strip club university. Once tethered to the the general understanding that we are winning, cannot be outsourced, and no matter the art state of robotics; are at the helm of a desire that can never perish: the whole gig seems a little too easy and workshops only a distraction from the main event.
When you're on the boat and sailing the high seas of smiles and young women's laughter in an ocean of love, plenty, and high cotton year round. When everyday is sunshine and daydreams. When you are on a fantastic voyage with the best people you ever met in your life, its hard to step off that boat. No one wants their land legs back. No one wants to stop the voyage.