In a poll of Las Vegas escort agencies conducted over the week of the 3rd presidential debate, escort agency owners reported an alarming drop in business volume. One might assume an influx of sleazy politicians and their entourages would result in a spike in business for escorts in the city of sin. However, as this independent survey uncovered, escort business in Las Vegas was reported to be extremely slow in the week of the Presidential debate. Several theories have emerged to explain the correlation between the sex work slow down and the debate. Some escort agency operators believe the crowd that the debate attracted is not the usual Vegas visitor in town for a good time. Others felt that the whole political cycle has people depressed and this 3rd debate attracted these politically depressed types in throngs. This election cycle has been particularly draining for the average American voter and many are suffering from political burnout and fatigue. In the words of one agency operator " I've never seen it this bad. Just because you're burned out on politics doesn't mean your libido evaporates.

I mean come on a fun tryst with a sexy girl could, you know take your mind off all the bull shit." That said, the Las Vegas visitors in town for the debate, choose not to " take their mind off the bull shit" or at least not with an escort. Others theorized that the heightened security, police presence, and additional hotel security might have influenced debate attendees choice in entertainment. One Clinton staffer said " the last thing we need is another scandal. We have enough pay to play scandals already, we don't need a pay for sex scandal piled on top of the smoldering heap of corruption our campaign has descended into .... wait are you recording this?" One highlight in the sex worker arena has been the legal brothels just outside of Las Vegas. Legal Nevada brothels in just over the Spring Mountains in Pahrump reported better than average business. In all this election cycle madness its good to know some are still finding release.