Law enforcement and Attorneys General across the nation continue their campaign against online classified advertising site Although their assault on backpage is unrelenting and continuous it has proved totally futile and unsuccessful. A full five years after the National Association of Attorneys General demanded the website to remove its adult classified escorts section law enforcement has gained zero ground in acheiving their goal of eliminating backpage’s adult ad section. In law enforcements view and questionable wisdom they consider the adult ads and or escort section of backpage to be a thinly veiled platform for prostitution. Although prostitution is illegal in most states, posting ads is not, and is firmly protected under the first amendment of the constitution. This first amendment roadblock is much to the chagrin of law enforcement the country over. Backpage is also protected by Federal law in the form of Communications Decency Act. Multiple court rulings have reaffirmed backpage’s right for its users to communicate as speech is protected.