God's own search light was focused like a laser beam on United Kingdom MP Keith Vaz as a scorching story has emerged. Dragged out into the light of day are allegations of Vaz's carnal lust for young male prostitutes and subsequent payment for sexual favors with male escorts in the UK. It seems Keith Vaz not only has an interest in legislating morality over his subjects but also exhibits an interest in paying for immoral acts with extremely young male escorts. Vaz, a married father of two, is now being urged to step down from his post and resign from parliament as details of his raunchy, sordid, homosexual escort parties at his London "sex flat" solidify in the public eye.

In a desperate attempt to save face, Mr. Vaz has apologized to his wife and children for being a closeted homosexual who paid for grimy, bareback sex with young Eastern European "rent boys" also known as male escorts. In a series of text correspondence Vaz requested that the two male prostitutes provide "poppers", sex enhancing stimulants, and cocaine. Although Vaz offered to pay for the drugs he stressed he did not want any for himself, only the steamy gay sex.

In an ironic pool of misgivings, Vaz was a proponent of a safe sex campaign for Leicester East constituency, but proceeded to have anal sex with a male prostitute that all three men knew even though the group had collectively forgot to bring a condom. This is the essence of Mr. Vaz, moral high ground crammed down his constituents throats, while he engaged in the most depraved, blistering, unprotected sex acts with barely legal Eastern European "rent boys".

Fellow MP Andrew Bridgen has been leading the charge against Mr. Vaz, demanding a full inquiry and urging a police investigation. If these demands are the cake Mr. Vaz provided the icing in a letter sent to Mr. Bridgen's lawyers stating that they might sue him. The letter stated "You have been maliciously spreading false and highly defamatory scuttlebutt about him. We are writing to put you on formal notice that if this shabby behavior continues our client will no longer turn a blind eye to this and take steps to sue you personally". A source close to Mr. Bridgen went on record stating that the letter was "desperate". "It's an attempt to close down any further investigation and suppress information. It's a badly worded, hurried and fairly shabby letter."

Tip of the Iceberg
In all the wrangling and political maneuvering it is easy to overlook the fact that what is known about Mr. Vaz's exploits stem from a few leaked images and text correspondence. It is already being hypothesized that this evidence is only the beginning and there is much more that will soon see the light of day when it comes to Mr. Vaz and his pay for play male escort scandal. Given the young age of the prostitutes involved and the illegal nature of conduct, some are awaiting the other shoe to drop that may involve acts of pedophilia. "I would call on the people of Leicester who know an awful lot about Mr Vaz's various activities to come forward now to the police and the authorities and let's see what he has really been doing.

I believe that these disclosures are merely the tip of the iceberg of his sexual transgressions." said Mr. Bridgen.

Insult to Injury
If Mr. Vaz's lust for bareback gay prostitute sex was not bad enough, how he paid for said services has also been called into question. Mr. Vaz had direct involvement with a diabetes charity called Silver Star. Allegations are now percolating, that Mr. Vaz may have diverted funds from Silver Star and the needs of diabetes victims to his own self serving "rent boy" gay prostitute, bareback, deep anal sex addictions. The UK Charity Commission is now facing loud calls to investigate whether cash from Mr Vaz's charity was used to pay for depraved sex with male prostitutes. Dr. Malde Modhwadia, a former trustee of Silver Star, stated "There is nothing wrong with being gay but [constituents may feel] he has been leading a double life. But he's a good guy, he helps constituents. We don't want the charity to be associated with this."

In the face of these allegations, the blistering heat of an angry constituency, the shame and embarrassment of Mr. Vaz's wife and family, questions of STDs, and possible embezzlement of charitable diabetes funds funneled to gay "rent boys"; like the self serving scumbag politician he is, Mr. Vaz refuses to resign from parliament. " Mr Vaz has refused to step down immediately as a Labour MP or from his position as chairman of the Commons home affairs committee." In an amazing display of narcissistic bravado Mr. Vaz said "he would wait until tomorrow before revealing whether he would continue in his key role on the panel monitoring crime, migration and sexual exploitation" Mr. Vaz went on to even blame the scandal on the Sunday newspaper that uncovered his hypocrisy and sordid sex life.

As we like to say at Rideworks, live and let be. At its core we have no problem with consenting adults perusing freewill and doing what they want, so long as everyone consents and is involved on their own volition. Politicians who are all too willing to regulate your morality should be more careful what pools they swim in with their own. Karma can and will bite, as is now all to obvious to one Mr. Vaz.